Deer Protein

We offer a full range of products targeted to the needs of the average hunter spending the weekend chasing their dream buck to the deer breeding operations that make a living at producing trophy Whitetails. We do our best to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to improving the genetics and overall quality of your deer herd.

We offer the Record Rack Deer Program by Nutrena.

Record Rack 16% Deer Protein: This complete, pelleted, grain-based feed is designed for growing and breeding Whitetail deer. It provides 16% protein, 2.5% fat, and 20% fiber along with minerals and vitamins A, D, and E. It is a nutritional product that can be used for both free-ranging and penned deer.

Record Rack 20% Deer Protein: Designed as a nutrition supplement for free-range conditions where animals have access to natural browse and forbs. High nutrient density delivers more economical feeding and more nutritional value with every pound of feed.

Record Rack Golden Nugget: Ideal for replacing corn, specially designed to nourish deer with a unique nutrition-packed formula. Each golden nugget contains the high-quality ingredients deer crave – and the balanced nutrition they require.